Aurora Coop installs largest further processing greenfield in Brazil

Setting the technology and production reference for prepared foods

Aurora Factory

At the end of 2021, Aurora Coop and Marel agreed to install the largest further processing greenfield in Brazil. The new facility, located in Chapecó (Santa Catarina), at the center of nine other poultry processing plants belonging to the cooperative, should start production in June 2023. The project, designed to serve domestic and foreign markets, will be a Latin American benchmark for both technology and production volume with its capacity to process more than 20,000 kg [44,092 lbs] of final product per hour.

Aurora 4 Lines Further Processing

With an investment initially budgeted at R$ 550 million [US$ 100 million], the industrial unit will cover an area of 40,000 m² [9.8 acres]. It will be installed within the Aurora Coop industrial complex, which spans more than 1.7 million m² [420 acres]. The new greenfield should generate 450 new jobs.

Coping with growth

According to Neivor Canton, CEO of Aurora Coop, the project is in line with the cooperative’s strategic vision, which aims to serve an increasingly demanding consumer looking for ready-to-cook products, which combine practicality and flavor. “We know that people are eating more animal protein. We must therefore find a better destination for our raw material and add more value in our processing plants. We are aware of the growth both in home and export markets in the consumption of products with higher added value.”

Aurora Packs

Four lines

By building the greenfield, Aurora Coop revolutionizes further processing in Brazil and brings a new quality standard to the market. In this major project, Marel was chosen as the partner to supply all technology for producing a wide range of final convenience products. Aurora Coop has purchased four different convenience food lines with the option of adding an extra line in the future. The project includes Marel’s latest, state-of-the-art equipment complete with all options. Each convenience line will be equipped with the RevoPortioner 1000. This is the first time that this forming solution is to be installed in Latin America. With its low pressure forming technology, it offers substantial performance advantages over the competition.

First ModularOven

Among the premium solutions, Aurora Coop also chose to install the first ModularOvens in Latin America. These MOS ovens have many technological advantages and unique intelligence, ensuring gains in productivity and yield. One of the convenience lines will be fully equipped with Innova software for central Equipment Control. This will ensure a consistent and controlled production process, including OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and real-time data insight for the processing line.

Marel is a great provider of technological solutions for the food industry.

Neivor Canton
CEO of Aurora Coop

Redefining food production

Ruud Berkers, Regional Sales Director in Brazil, says, “With all these innovative solutions and Marel as a full-line supplier, Aurora Coop is redefining the way prepared foods are produced in Brazil.” Neivor Canton adds, “Aurora Coop is always looking for project partners providing the highest levels of reliability and safety, who can guarantee the quality and performance of our products. “Marel is a great provider of technological solutions for the food industry, exactly what Aurora Coop is looking for in a partner!”

Strenghtened partnership

In early 2021, the companies signed a major contract that awarded the modernization of four Aurora factories to Marel. “Aurora Coop is growing continuously and counts on partners like Marel for the implementation of our projects,” says Neivor Canton. For him, Marel’s new Progress Point Demonstration and Training Center, recently installed in Campinas (São Paulo), is strengthening the partnership. “Whenever necessary, we will make use of this facility for the development of our new products.

Neivor Canton Aurora

Neivor Canton, CEO of Aurora Coop

Consumer trends

In developing new products, Aurora Coop analyzes the behavior of the Brazilian consumer. “Fresh products are still very relevant for consumers. During the pandemic, we noticed an increase in the number of consumers who began to cook their own meals at home. Natural products requiring preparation and further processed products, which are practical and convenient, are eaten in most Brazilian homes, depending on the situation and the time available”, says Aurora Coop CEO Neivor Canton. In this context, he says Aurora Coop pays close attention to customer demand and is always looking for opportunities to be present at all moments poultry is eaten. A mix of diversified and tasty products will satisfy an increasingly demanding consumer.

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