Intelligent portioning with added value

Fixed-weight cuts with lowest tolerance

High hourly volumes save labor

The perfect fit for your portioning needs

Are your customers asking for high volumes of portioned poultry with a great variety in product specifications? To handle such requests, you'll need an intelligent portioning system. Marel's I-Cut 122 TrimSort is the perfect fit for your needs. It's a flexible, high-speed and accurate solution that not only cuts your poultry pieces to a fixed weight but also adds value to your offcuts.    

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What the market demands

To help you produce the perfectly portioned chicken cuts, we offer the latest, most innovative portion cutting technology. Marel is your experienced partner in portioning boneless poultry meat. 

Fixed-weight, fixed-length or raw material optimization - our wide range of portion cutting solutions can respond to any market demand. Particularly if you're looking for ways to save labor and minimize giveaway, our portioners offer the highest precision and excellent profitability. 

Our portion cutting systems can interact with downstream logistics or packing solutions to bring you highest efficiency. 

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I Cut 122 Trimsort Infeed

Added intelligence

I-Cut 122 TrimSort is already loaded with a lot of intelligence. The integrated software allows you to program all functions of the machine via the touchscreen.

The portioning process even gains intelligence when the I-Cut is connected to the processing line via the Innova software platform. At that moment, easy-to-use remote programming, real-time monitoring and reporting as well as interconnection to other machines can be managed from the central control room.

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I Cut 122 Strip Cutting

6 questions about chicken fillet portioning

How do consumers want their fillets? How to cut a large chicken breast? How to make portion cuts look natural? Just a few questions that arise in the context of optimal industrial portion cutting. Marel has the answers. 

6 questions about portioning


I Cut 122 Trimsort 2Lanes

A real-life glimpse of the I-Cut 122 TrimSort

Marel's I-Cut 122 TrimSort is the solution to many of your questions. You can check yourself how the I-Cut 122 TrimSort goes about to achieve superfast multi-cuts using a two-lane infeed and a four-lane outfeed. Go the productpage or watch the video on the right.

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