CAS SmoothFlow

Smooth stunning for enhanced product quality

  • Simple modular straight-line set-up
  • Smooth multiphase process for optimal animal welfare
  • Can follow various live bird handling systems
  • Preserves the highest product quality
  • Quick and easy change-over from one recipe to another


Smooth multiphase process for optimal animal welfare

Broilers on the belt or in their SmartStack trays are transferred smoothly to the CAS SmoothFlow system. These straight movements — without sudden transitions — makes for one of the most humane processes in the industry.

Product quality guaranteed

Controlled atmosphere anesthetization is not only humane, but it ensures the highest possible meat quality. Blood spots or fractures are kept to a minimum, considerably reducing downgrades. The smooth movements without human intervention ensure the supplied quality. The first-in-first-out principle keeps track of the consistency of this high quality.

  • Multiphase stunning regime
  • Smooth induction and transition to the completing mixture
  • Atmosphere in each section can be set and tightly controlled
  • Straight-line process with no transitions or changes in direction
  • Enhanced animal welfare and product quality
  • Suitable for a wide range of breeds and weights
  • Fully automatic operation with recipes entered by touch screen
  • Quick and easy change-over from one recipe to another
  • Modular system for all capacities
  • Carrousel and straight-line hanging options
  • Simple robust construction
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Meets all current legislation
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