Nuova eviscerator

The world's most efficient evisceration

  • Careful, expert removal of intestines
  • Fully-automated or manual hygienic giblet harvesting
  • Evisceration solutions for all capacities
  • Automated transfer of the viscera to the pack shackle line


The lowest risk of bacteriological contamination

Research has shown that the Nuova giblet harvesting system gives the least risk of bacterial contagion—in terms of both the carcass and its giblets—for any conventional evisceration system.

Hygienic operation

Nuova evisceration allows for fast and easy giblet harvesting, to be automated to every desired degree, from separating to packing.


The fully-automated giblet harvesting ensures that the process can be done faster and easier, ensuring products are processed in the most hygienic circumstances, leading to the best quality product output.

Viscera pack shackle

Once Nuova has carefully extracted the viscera pack, it is automatically transferred to a separate pack shackle line, which ensures the highest hygiene levels. No human action is required anywhere in the process.


Marel offers a range of service solutions to prevent failures, maximize performance or in case of unexpected breakdowns remote or onsite assistance.

Marel has offices in 30 countries across all regions, and a global network of highly skilled professionals that provide remote as well as onsite service support. We provide quality spare parts and customized service agreements for our customers to ensure optimal performance of Marel equipment.

The services available for this product include: 

Critical parts packages Upgrade kits Preventative maintainance visits
Customer support center Preventative maintainance packages Inspection visits
Training Consumable packages Support Center 24/7
Process consultancy    

Customer stories

Arie Manuel Changchun Yunken
Ernst Met Nasreldeen Elnour
Carlos Guzman General Director Lizman
Carlos E Mauricio Rivelli
Chris Hall Cargill

"Marel and the Yunken Group will keep cooperating to achieve a win-win situation for both parties in future development.”

Zhao Xiaoguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yunken Group

"Since we integrated Innova, we have a much better grip on our line and our products."

Nasreldeen Elnour

Emirates National Food / Al Rawdah

"A relatively small investment to convert CoreTech quickly and easily to the full Nuova specification."

Carlos Guzman, General Director


"Having the evisceration line in full operation, its incomparable performance astonished us and our concerns about bird size simply disappeared like magic."

Carlos Rivelli, co-director


"The Marel Poultry team did a great job."

Said Jamous, plant manager


"We were happy to invite Marel to work with us to bring the plan to life, confident that the company would come up with the right solutions for our business."

Chris Hall, Fresh Chicken Director

Cargill Meats Europe

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