At FoodPro 2017, we will introduce you to a handful of new developments to the food processing industry designed to advance food processing. Marel is a strong partner to the food processing industry as a supplier of equipment and full lines to all proteins. Our solutions cover the value chain from live animal receipt to finished packs.

Slaughter – Meat

In 2016 MPS Meat Processing Systems joined Marel and the brands of MPS, Butina, KJ and Durand are now under the Marel brand. Our many years in the field of primary processing: stunning, slaughter – including robotic lines, dehiding and blood collection have given us an expertise, which we look forward to sharing with you at FoodPro.

Deboning/trimming – Meat

We will show and demonstrate the Marel StreamLine deboning and trimming system, which is an intelligent and flexible system for monitoring, analyzing and maximizing the deboning hall production. With the system, all data relating to the entire cutting and deboning process can be collected and analyzed – even at an operator level and in real-time.

Sausage production

The MasterLink can be used to produce fresh sausages with natural, alginate or collagen casings without a twist. This in-line portioner guarantees constant length and weight. It is installed after the filling pump and it cuts a continuous stream of fresh sausages. The MasterLink ensures an attractive “natural” round shape at the end of each sausage regardless of the type of casing used.

Portion cutting

The I-Cut 130 PortionCutter will be on display. It is the ideal machine for high-value portioning. The machine’s new vision system and flexible software support provide superior portioning accuracy. It ensures maximum optimization of each individual item of raw material, with minimal giveaway.


Join us for a demonstration of Marel’s new M360 standard wraparound labeler, which employs the latest technology in flexible linerless labeling. It is designed for premium labeling of all popular tray sizes and is ideally suited for skin packs.

Key benefits of linerless labels are:

  • Zero backing paper waste
  • 40% less reel weight compared to self-adhesive labels
  • More labels on a reel, fewer reel changes and less downtime
  • Increased surface print area for brand management

Innova Food Processing Software

Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software ranges from simple device control solutions to total processing solutions adapted to the individual needs of food processors. Based on modular designs, the solutions are scalable, thereby providing maximum flexibility for food processors.

Innova Food Processing Software enables you to maximize yield and throughput, conform to quality standards and ensure food safety.

Come join us to explore how Innova helps you to:

  • Control your production
  • Monitor in real time
  • Improve performance

Water treatment

Marel Water Treatment is a specialist in the treatment of production wastewater to ensure that it can be safely discharged into the sewers without any adverse effect. Coarse particles and fats can clog the sewers, affecting households and other businesses that discharge to the same sewer. Cleaning costs are usually recovered from the party causing the problem. It is therefore in the industry’s best interest to take measures to prevent clogged sewers. We look forward to meeting you at FoodPro for a discussion about water treatment.

We look forward to seeing you at FoodPro at stand #i19

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