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Brazillian pork processor invests in Marel water treatment system

Aerobic Water Treatment Sedimentation

Marel's water treatment system delivers sustainable development and environmental preservation for pork processor Aurora Alimentos

“During the expansion of the Chapecó slaughterhouse, we also looked for a supplier, who could offer a wastewater treatment solution that would support our growth plans. Once more, we found that with Marel and we also immediately understood that its performance would be much superior to the existing system”, says Luciana Frassetto de Campos Breda, sanitary engineer at Brazillian pork processor Aurora Alimentos.

Adequate wastewater treatment is a growing concern among companies in the meat processing sector. This is because the slaughter of pigs requires a large amount of water, which must be discharged. Wastewater contains blood, fat, excrement, fragments of tissues and other organic substances that, if discharged untreated in the environment will contaminate surface and underground water resources.

Until the new project at Chapeco Aurora Alimentos worked with a Marel water treatment system, which used an aerated stabilization lagoon system to treat effluents. However, they needed to think of an alternative that would optimize the land space dedicated to water treatment.

In addition, Aurora Alimentos needed to meet the environmental requirement to remove nitrogen as a condition for discharging treated water back into the riverbed. “In fact, we needed a smaller system, but more efficient and with greater control over all stages,” says Luciana Breda.

DAF flotation unit

State-of-the-art technology

With the adoption of the Marel system the effluents from the red lines (blood, oils, greases and solid and liquid effluents from the slaughter process) is pretreated in a coagulation, flocculation and flotation (DAF) unit. This pretreated water is then combined with the effluent from the green lines (manure, urine and liquid effluents) and the sanitary sewage water. After that process the combined water is treated in a biological system.

The biological system consists of:

  1. an anoxic zone to enhance total nitrogen removal
  2. an aerated zone to further remove nitrogen and carbon
  3. and a clarifier for the separation of the sludge and the water.

After disinfection the clean treated water is discharged into the environment. “The wastewater treatment system at Chapecó is still new, and we are still in the process of adjusting it. However, the expected results have already been achieved, such as the level of ammoniacal nitrogen and the removal of BOD [biochemical oxygen demand] and solids”, Luciana Breda concludes.

Water Treatment Aurora Alimentos

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