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Rasmus And FALCON

First class quality as well as precisely weighed and sliced products: this is what consumers expect when they buy meat. At the Norwegian processing company Norfersk, portioning machines from Marel TREIF , ensure optimal processes, highest precision and maximum yield.

Appetizingly fresh chops, steaks, fillets, burger patties and award-winning meatballs, all weighed with utmost precision, cut into exactly the same size and packed hygienically – with this offer, Norfersk located at Hærland provides around 1,000 supermarket chain stores throughout Norway. Founded in 2012, the company with around 110 employees processes approximately 16 mill. kg of meat per year. Along the entire value chain – starting with the delivery from the slaughterhouses straight through to dispatch to the customer – the company consistently ensures smooth processes and close cooperation between all parties involved.

Machines with performance and high precision

The parts of pork, beef and lamb that the company processes are delivered in unequal size and usually with bones. In order to be capable to produce slices of exactly the same weight at all times, the portion cutters must adhere to high standards in terms of quality and precision.

Due to the trend towards boneless meat products and smaller portions, the quality requirements are increasingly demanding. In order to optimally fulfill them, the meat processor has relied on TREIF cutting machines since 2013. The Norwegian company currently uses three FALCON portion cutters and one TWISTER dicing- and strip-slicer. The machines convince with their high performance as well as with maximum precision, resilience and user-friendliness. The TWISTER, for example, achieves a cutting output of up to 3,500 kg per hour, even in continuous operation.

Portioned Pork Cutlets

The portion cutter enables high throughput with continuous reliable accuracy.

One more slice from each piece

The FALCON perfectly suits Norfersk's needs: the portion slicer processes meat with and without bone and measures both amount and slice thickness with utmost accuracy. In this way it optimizes the processing procedure – and is even able to cut one extra slice out of each piece of meat.

This performance is ensured by a unique 4-D camera system in conjunction with the fastest computer technology and sandwich cutting guide: four cameras measure the piece of meat so precisely that the cut is automatically made at the exact place.

The sickle knife is held stable between two stainless steel plates so that the cuts are carried out extremely meticulous. The portioning can be adjusted according to weight or slice thickness. Thanks to different model variants, the machine can be adapted to any requirement and even cuts cheese.

Source: Fleischwirtschaft International 4 /19

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