Ciacarne doubles capacity with a sustainable vision for pork

Ciacarne Facilities

Ciacarne opened its new, integrated primary processing line in 2020, more than doubling its processing capacity with Marel solutions.

In 2016 when Ciacarne decided to invest in a new primary processing facility, José Maria Campos, the general director, reached out to Marel. “From conception, Marel was the ideal company. They could provide the equipment with the technology we were looking for; Marel has met 100% of our needs.”

Ciacarne’s original primary processing facility had reached capacity. The business was over-extending itself and Campos could see the problems coming. “There were two ways forward, to invest in the facility or to stop.”  They needed to increase their primary processing speed to 250 to 300 animals per hour, more than double the scope of their old facility. It was clear they needed to rebuild with increased primary processing strength.

Ciacarne Primary Line1

Sustainable investments

From the start of their pork production business in 1972, the Campos family had a vision to build a socially responsible company that produced high-quality products with the lowest possible environmental impact and a strong focus on animal welfare. José Maria Campos can’t hide his enthusiasm when discussing how Ciacarne achieves these goals. Projects such as the treatment and reuse of water, biogas generation obtained on the farm and used in the processing plant, and their most recent investment in solar power will make the farm independent of outside energy sources. Marel’s mission to create a sustainable and future-ready food processing industry supported Ciacarne’s vision; it was a perfect match.

Ciacarne Sustenability

During the design phase, Marel presented the CO2 Stunning System as an addition to the new processing line. “We are very careful to meet animal welfare standards such as truck space, rest and comfort for the animals,” Campos says, “The CO2 Stunning System complemented our business and turned our processing line into a premium line. So, we have two advantages, economic and animal welfare.”

New ideas and new opportunities emerged. We had the opportunity to build something with incredible quality and highly competitive market productivity.

José Maria Campos
General director of Ciacarne

As the plan for the new processing facility developed, Marel took Campos to visit other facilities operating with the Marel and Sulmaq equipment. “New ideas and new opportunities emerged. We had the opportunity to build something with incredible quality and highly competitive market productivity.” Increasing hygiene standards was an essential element of the final design, “We wanted ease of cleaning to avoid contamination. The inspectors who visit are always impressed with the project. The facility is impeccable, and we value every detail of that.”

In 2020 the new facility began operation—a full-line, integrated primary processing line with the capacity to process 250 to 300 animals per hour. “The whole line is impressive,” Campos says, “but, along with the CO2 Stunning System, the M-Line Splitting Saw is a standout solution. It reduces labor reliance and employee ergonomic stress through repetitive movement. “The line would need two saws if it wasn’t for the robot. So, it generates a series of benefits for us.”

Shaking hands with the future

Ciacarne can only see the benefits of their relationship with Marel. “This investment supported our company in multiple ways, the primary processing line, our positioning and improvement of our final product. We have another production reality today: we can follow our planning and everything we plan happens. Those who want to work with technology and quality products need to have Marel; there is no other way.”

Ciacarne Primary Line4

Company profile

Ciacarne Alimentos is a dedicated pork processor of premium products with over 40 years in the industry. Located in the Brasilian state of Minas Gerais, Ciacarne strives to produce high-quality pork products with a focus on animal welfare, environmental sustainability and community responsibility.

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