Muffato begins a new era of processing with Marel technology

Marel's solutions are helping to meet the shifting consumer demand in Brazil

Muffato Processing

In Marel, the Brazilian retail leader found solutions to deliver fresh, standardized and safe pork and beef products.

Paraná's number one supermarket chain, the Muffato Group, which is among the largest retailers in the country, began a new era in food processing and safety technology in June this year. Equipped with automated lines from Marel and Sulmaq, Muffato Foods opened in Cambé (PR) as one of the most modern food processing centers in Paraná. Equipment from the Sulmaq and Marel portfolio were chosen to provide the integrated and automated production solutions and the traceability system throughout the entire line, from carcass entry to weighing the finished product.

In this first phase, R$170 million were invested in infrastructure and technology in the 21,000 m² animal protein facility, with the capacity to debone 100 bovine carcasses per hour. The investment, which has generated 650 direct jobs, increases the availability and variety of high-quality, standardized fresh meats for its 80 stores.

"The purpose of the investment was to standardize our products, control costs, increase the shelf life, and above all, ensure the quality of the product that reaches our customers' tables," says the superintendent of Muffato Foods, Noroli do Nascimento. He believes that the equipment and software acquired from Marel are essential to meet the demands of customers who seek a safe and positive shopping experience. 

"Besides the safety of the food, we guarantee, with this investment, the safety of the professionals who work in the plant," he adds. The superintendent also emphasizes the importance of connected equipment, which allows the monitoring and control of operations by sectors, instantly and remotely. Especially in secondary processing and deboning, this functionality enables online control of productivity, allowing access to operations data and traceability. 

Muffato Deboning Room

Perfect portioning

"The quality portioning, with perfect thickness and that guarantees the freshness of the meat, is fantastic," declares Noroli do Nascimento, praising the versatility of the portioning machine. 

The acquired equipment is also considered essential to meet the increase in consumption of portioned meats, often sold by e-commerce—a new consumption pattern triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Now we are ready to serve consumers who seek convenience, smaller portions, and more freshness," he states. He believes the consupmtion trend and increase in home deliveries is here to stay. 

Muffato V Cut 240 Portioning Machine

Promising partnership

The partnership between Muffato and Marel began at IFFA 2019 in Germany, when representatives of the group were in search of new technologies. The relationship has sinced strengthened. "The team training has been excellent, the support is very interactive, and the startup of the deboning line was smooth, which gave our employees confidence in the operation," says Noroli do Nascimento.

"Marel is also an expert in technology, has the necessary know-how, and we value this very highly; we make sure we have the best equipment in our industry," he adds. 

Muffato Scales (1)

About Muffato Group

Originally created as a traditional family business in the countryside of the state, the Muffato Group has grown to be the number one supermarket chain in Paraná and is also among the largest retailers in the country. There are 80 stores between retail (Super Muffato) and cash and carry (Max Atacadista), among other services, with 19,000 direct employees and more than 10,000 indirect jobs. The chain operates in 31 cities in Paraná and in the countryside of the state of São Paulo.

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