Ildex Vietnam

Meet the Marel team at Ildex Vietnam and explore red meat systems and equipment designed to efficiently handle the entire production process; from live animal reception to finished retail packs. 

At Ildex Vietnam you will also be able to experience innovative solutions in red meat processing and water treatment from Marel.


Primary pig processing

Red Meat Processing

Marel Meat is a full-line provider of high-tech, cost effective systems and equipment for primary, secondary and further processing as Marel and MPS Meat Processing Systems have been fully integrated.

Marel also supplies a wide range of innovative machines and systems for portioning, coating, heat treatment and sausage making, matching almost any need, whether it is for large-volume production or maximum flexibility in retail or food service production.

Effective wastewater treatment

Marel offers effective, sustainable systems for wastewater treatment. Marel Water Treatment is highly experienced in the treatment of wastewater produced in the red meat and poultry industry. 



Start date:
14 Mar 2018

End date:
16 Mar 2018

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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam