Marel Meat with a bigger system portfolio at IPPE

During the 2017 IPPE show, which takes place from January 31st to February 2nd in Atlanta USA, Marel will unveil a large number of new developments in the world of food processing. 

I-Cut 122 red meat

Our new launches will be physically present at our booth, to give a real touch and feel experience.

In 2016 MPS Meat Processing Systems joined Marel. United, the two companies are at the forefront in developing full-line solutions and equipment for the red meat processing industry. MPS Meat Processing Systems and the brands of Butina, KJ and Durand are now branded as Marel Meat. 

Join us at the Marel booth at IPPE 2017 to learn more about Marel Meat and how we work with all processes relating to primary, secondary and further processing of red meat.

Trim Monitoring System 

The new Trim Monitoring System is a basic solution that provides information about the actual fat percentage and bone content of incoming meat, which makes it ideal for small producers who wish to buy meat trimmings for sausage and burger patties or make final batches with the correct CL content from their own material.

New M360 Labeler

New to the market is also our high-speed M360 Labeler for wraparound or C-wrap labeling. The M360 labeler is designed for premium labeling of all popular tray sizes and is ideally suited for skin packs. 

Using no carrier backing paper, the M360 has zero backing paper waste making it environmentally friendly. It offers improved efficiencies and volume applications with label reels that weigh 40% less than self-adhesive labels.

New I-Saw 

At IPPE 2017 we also introduce the new I-Saw for automatically portioning of frozen bone-in products.

Innova Food Processing 

At IPPE let us show you how our Innova food processing software can help you to control your production, monitor it in real time and improve the overall performance.

Further Processing

As for Further Processing, Marel launches new solutions for convenience products, such as a pump concept for QSR hamburger patties and a Sausage Peeler. Read all about it here:

Further Processing at IPPE



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31 Jan 2017

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2 Feb 2017

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Atlanta, Georgia USA

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