What to See

During the Meat ShowHow we will take you through the various processes that transform raw materials into high-quality, high-value consumer products.

We have filled our 900-square-meter demo hall, Progress Point, with lines that reflect processing possibilities, including:

  • Primary processing 
  • Deboning and trimming
  • Whole muscle portioning and packing
  • Hamburger and sausage production

The lines on display are fully flexible and can be scaled up and down to suit individual requirements.


M-line slaughter automation

The M-line slaughter robots are fully developed by Marel and meet the latest hygiene and safety requirements. The combination of a 3D carcass scanner, an industrial robot and the TwinTools set a new standard in slaughter line robotization.

The following machines belong to the M-Line:

  • MPB Pubic Bone-Belly-Breast Opener
  • MBR Bung Remover
  • MSS Splitting Saw
  • MNC Neck Cutter

At Meat ShowHow you can learn more about the M-line robots by VR experience. Besides this, we will show two of the M-line tools.

Robot palletizer

Marel robotic palletizing systems comprise flexible, 6-axis highspeed robots for a wide range of applications, such as handling, machine feeding, processing and distribution applications in the load-bearing range from 3 to 600 kg.

The flexible Marel robot palletizer 225 covers applications weighing up to 225 kg. Despite its considerable load-bearing

capacity and wide range of 2,702 mm, the model has a very modest footprint.

A newly developed vibration control system exploits the increased axial speed and inherent rigidity of the gears and enables extraordinary acceleration with short movements. The reduced cycle times also increase productivity.

Depending on the specific needs of the customer or our recommendation also 4 or 5-axis high speed robots can be used for fast and efficient loading of pallets. Marel robotic palletizing systems are always designed to customer project specifications.


DeboFlex - take production management to a new level

DeboFlex for legs

The DeboFlex is a ground-breaking solution for pork fore-end and leg deboning. The system is based on overhead conveyor transportation and makes deboning and cutting pork legs easy and efficient. There is also increased ‘knife-in-meat’ time, no heavy lifting, improved food safety, better factory floor logistics, and more consistent results.

StreamLine - close monitoring and control

The StreamLine is an efficient, flexible and scalable deboning and trimming system which helps to ensure optimum utilization of raw material. It enables close monitoring and control of critical KPIs in real time, such as yield, throughput and cutting performance. Using Innova Food Processing Software, data is automatically registered and monitored for the entire line as well as for the individual operator.

Trim Handling Systems - efficient trim analysis

Trim from the deboning and trimming process is typically either sent to a grader for batching and palletizing or to a trim handling system for fat analysis. Our trim handling systems use x-ray technology to analyze beef and pork trim for fat/lean ratio (Chemical Lean) and detect hazardous contaminants for optimum product utilization.

Grinding and Mixing - customized, high-quality meat mass

Processors typically have a customized meat-mass recipe for burger forming or sausage making. Our meat preparation systems can prepare a meat mass in a hygienic, user-friendly, efficient and high-quality manner and meet your specific requirements.


Our new volumetric portion cutter produces slices that are uniformly shaped, of equal size and weight, fully separated with equal spacing and uniform orientation. The pork neck slice is then flattened, battered and breaded and loaded into trays – sealed, labelled and ready for dispatch.


I-Cut 130 PortionCutter

Packing of steaks to fixed weight or fixed count is growing in popularity in the retail sector, as it caters to consumer demand and at the same time eases logistical planning. The beef steak marination line includes our new volumetric portioning machine and the ValueSpray for individual spray marinating the steaks before loading into trays and packing.

Tray handling - logistics made easy

The TrayTrack System is an automatic overhead conveyor system which takes trays from where they are filled, to a remote, dedicated tray sealing/wrapping and labeling area and chill store.


Hamburger forming line

Our hamburger line produces high quality, perfectly consistent hamburger patties and includes pumping, forming and tray loading.

Battering and breading

The battering and breading units are suitable for a wide range of products and ensure high-quality, perfectly consistent results.

Sausage making

The Universal Sausage Line uses in-line pumping, linking and a loading line to produce fresh sausages with natural, alginate or collagen casings.


data makes a difference

Innova software

Innova Food Processing Software helps meat processors optimize their overall production performance and reach their goals. It helps get the right product to the right customer at the right time, and it gives all the information and tools needed to monitor production and ensure every single processing step is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


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