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MPS Meat Processing Systems joined Marel in January 2016. United, the two companies are at the forefront in developing full-line solutions and equipment for the meat and food processing industry.

MPS, consisting of Red Meat Slaughtering, Butina, Durand, KJ, Food Logistic Systems and AQUA Water Treatment, is part of Marel Meat. The focus of Food Logistic Systems and AQUA Water Treatment is the total food industry.

M-Line pig slaughter

Introducing the M-line on VIV Asia 2017

The new line of machines, based on the new M-Line concept, is innovation fully developed by Marel.

The M-line meets the latest hygiene and safety requirements. The slaughter robots of the M-Line use a completely newly designed type of tool: the TwinTools.

The combination of a 3D carcass scanner, an industrial robot and the TwinTools set a new standard in slaughter line robotisation.

The M-line is the answer to:

  • The need for continuous improvement of hygiene in the slaughtering process.
  • The demand for a higher yield on cutting and deboning. This is achieved with the M-line due to the improved scanning process and the higher positioning accuracy of the slaughter robots.
  • The high requirements with regard to reliability. The current solid performance of industrial robots in complex and demanding production environments is the basis of the M-line.
  • The increase in slaughter capacity in recent years.

Visit the Marel stand at VIV Asia 2017 to learn more about Marel Meat and how we work with all processes related to primary, secondary processing and processed red meat products.

We can also inform you about the latest developments on intra logistics and water treatment.



Start date:
15 Mar 2017

End date:
17 Mar 2017

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Hall 98, Stand 3441