Customer story

First pork processor in South America to buy the Marel DeboFlex system

13 Aug 2013

Photo: Hilmar Hauksson, Ivonei Durigon
and Magnus Olason​
Beginning of July 2013 Castrolanda Cooperativa in Paraná, Brazil signed a contract to buy a Marel DeboFlex system. 
The system will handle left and right fore-ends in two separate lines with a max speed of 400 fore-ends per hour. 
The line will comprise 48 working stations with the latest functionalities for skinning, defatting, deboning and cutting. 
This DeboFlex system is part of a Castrolanda greenfield pork processing project and is the first to be installed in South America. 
Hilmar Hauksson from Marel IC Meat has been working on the Castrolanda project together with Magnus Olason from Marel in Brazil and the DeboFlex designers and is confident other projects will follow. "This project will be a good stepping stone into the Brazilian pork industry. The project comprises some of the very latest pork deboning equipment that we have to offer and the plant will - when up and running - function as a reference plant."