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Greenlea praises Marel system

09 Apr 2013

The StreamLine system for hot deboning and trimming of beef has had a substantial effect on processing operations of Greenlea Premier Meats in New Zealand.

The benefits of the Streamline system are highlighted in their corporate video, which Marel is proud to share with you here.

At Greenlea, we understand the importance of improving our operations, getting better and better at what we do.  A great example of this can be seen at our Morrinsville processing plant, where in 2010 we installed the Marel Streamline deboning system.

- Russell Shaw, Greenlea Morrinsville Plant Manager

The video focuses on the installation at Greenlea’s plant in Morrinsville, but the company had already installed Marel’s StreamLine system in their cold deboning and trimming facility in Hamilton.

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Benefits of Marel’s hot deboning system

  • Reduced processing time from slaughter to load out
  • Lower chilling space and other capital cost requirements
  • Increased boning yield
  • Improved productivity
  • Elimination of hard fat problems
  • More rapid product turnover

With around 80,000 cattle hot deboned per year at the Greenlea plant in Morrinsville, it’s easy to understand the significance of these benefits for the company.

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