Innova 5.6.1

15 Mar 2017

Innova dashboard screens

New Innova features: Improved traceability and more

The first Innova 5.6.1 release update of 2017 focuses on improved traceability, sampling efficiency and labeling. A Manual Yield Sampling Station has been released, while Innova Traceability and Innova Labeling have new functionalities.

Innova Traceability

Traceability is a core requirement in today’s food processing industry. Today’s consumers want to know what they’re consuming, and where it’s coming from. Innova makes it possible for you to trace every product all the way back to its source. Full traceability strengthens the trust between the food processor and their customers.

Innova traceability

Traceability regulation requires processors to be able to trace food and ingredients through all stages of production, processing and distribution. They need to be able to identify the complete set of final products that include an ingredient and conversely to identify the complete set of ingredients used to produce a specific batch.

New features for Innova Traceability make it easier to handle complex traceability requirements and to react quickly when issues are reported. Now the software has two lot types, a new function that can automatically create and activate changeover lots, new forward and backward trace reports and a manual way of adding supplies to any registration point.

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Manual Yield Sampling Station

Innova has created a new application for those who need to do manual sampling on any production line in meat processing.

The Manual Yield Sampling Station offers a simple, user-friendly method to measure the yield of the output products from an unprocessed product sample taken from a processing line. It makes the task easier and more efficient and accurate than before.

Manual Yield Sampling Station can be implemented as a stand-alone product or as part of a plant-wide solution including multiple Innova products and services. A typical setup with this module is a platform scale and a touch screen industrial workstation with an optional printer.

Each yield sample is associated with a purchase order for identification.

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Labeling Integration Print Engine

The Innova Labeling module has a new feature that supports direct print requests from external systems. This makes it easier to manage label printing from third party software. 

It can connect the Innova label system with your company’s ERP software offering the same user experience as when designing labels with Innova. The Labeling Integration Print Engine supports processing print requests over a web service or from XML files over the file system.

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