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01 Feb 2012


For Finnish meat producer Oy Snellman Ab, a service agreement with Marel has meant a significant improvement in production. Previously the plant would have intermittent stops on its equipment throughout the day. Today Snellman’s production runs non-stop.

Snellman purchased its first Marel equipment in 2005, a Flowline for deboning beef and pork. The purchase included an MPS software control system, the predecessor to Innova, Marel’s current intelligent production management system.

When the equipment was first installed, Snellman sent their own service personnel to Marel headquarters in Iceland for training in servicing and maintaining the Flowline.

Knowledge is key

Click to enlargeIn 2007, however, having worked with the equipment for two years and seeing some opportunities for improvements, Snellman production manager Pekka Kalliosaari decided to purchase a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from Marel, which included both hardware and software servicing of the system.

“The SLA gives us ready access to professional help from Marel personnel, who are continually updated on all the features of our equipment,” explains Kalliosaari. “It’s good to get this kind of help from outside our company, as we cannot send our own service personnel on training courses all the time”.

“When the Flowline was first installed in 2005, there were still some adjustments that needed to be made. That is much easier when you have Marel personnel by your side, to have them go through the factory with you so you can explain what you would like the equipment to do.  Now, however, it’s much more convenient to be able to do these things ourselves.”

Time factor

For any producer, keeping downtime to a minimum is an issue of great importance, and Snellman is certainly no different. As a result, the extended knowledge of Marel’s service personnel is not the only important factor for the company’s service agreement. Response time plays an equally large part.

“It is important that our equipment is running correctly so that we can avoid the small stops that we previously had on the Flowline, and Marel’s fast response time makes a big difference in this respect” explains Kalliosaari.

Working with Marel

With the SLA now in place for some years, Kalliosaari is very clear in his conclusion on his company’s co-operation with Marel. “We’re very pleased with the current set-up and the service personnel from Marel. I think the co-operation between our company and Marel is very good”, concludes Snellman production manager Pekka Kalliosaari.

Snellman at a glance

Click to enlargeOy Snellman Ab is a family-run business that produces fresh meat, ready meals and everything in between, such as minced meat, steaks, sliced cooked meat and sausages.  On average the company processes 860 pigs and 120 beef cattle each day. Based in Jakobstad, on Finland’s east coast, the company has 700 employees and an annual turnover in 2010 of EUR 191 million.


SLAs are service agreements between the customer and Marel, the goal being peak performance and maximum uptime for the customer’s processing system. The Service Level Agreement may consist of any of the service products available, such as installation and commissioning services, emergency support, extended warranty or software maintenance. The service products are arranged in a modular structure offering maximum flexibility in putting together a service and support package tailored to the customer’s exact requirements.

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