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StreamLine is key at Krasno

30 Apr 2013

A yield improvement of 1.3% and productivity increase of 20% is reality at Krasno, the largest pork processor in Czech republic after having installed a StreamLine deboning and trimming system in one of their production facilities.

“Seeing the positive results of the line, we should have made it bigger from the start” says Mr Pilcik, Director and owner of Krasno – about the StreamLine system which was installed in 2011.

Reaching goals

Purchasing Director,
Tomas Lesa

Purchasing Director, Tomas Lesa continues, “We bought the StreamLine system to better control and measure yield, get a transparent evaluation of the operators and of course increase productivity. We have reached all of that plus more.” In addition to the mentioned measurables, Krasno has also experienced positive side effects, including a very successful connection to their warehouse system, faster run-through time of raw material, new ways of thinking of the operators as well as quality evaluation of supplies.

Krasno buys primal bone-in pork shoulders and legs from a number of EU suppliers. These primals are deboned and trimmed to specification at the StreamLine and mostly sent to further processing.

The StreamLine enables us to make proper use of the products as well as order of work sequences of the operators. Each operator performance is closely monitored in the system, and based on a bonus salary system, he or she can increase the monthly wage depending on work performance.

- Tomas Lesa,Purchasing Director, Krasno
Interview with Purchasing Director, Tomas Lesa

Operators at the 16 station StreamLine have specialized tasks – e.g. one group of people are deboning the legs entering the line, these deboned products are sent further down the line for trimming operations according to specification – and subsequently the finished products are sent to packing and storage.

The trim from the line is automatically conveyed to a trim grading system. All large primals going into the line – and all finished products, trim and bone material are fully traceable in the system via Innova, the system software.

Innova is the heart of the system

Random quality control is performed to monitor, individual operator performance.

Marel’s Innova production control software plays a big role in the success of the line at Krasno. Mr Pilcik elaborates “We are now using Innova in more detailed ways as more details are uncovered within the system and within our production. When we bought the system we underestimated our need for Innova knowledge. I would estimate that 75% of the value is in the Innova software and 25% is line itself”. With the system comes a whole new way of thinking – compared to traditional ways of deboning. It is not easy for people (operators and management) to change their way of thinking – but we have seen the results of focusing on fully understanding the system.”

Krasno company profile

Krasno was established in the 1950s as a freezing store – but soon ventured into production.  Until 1993 Krasno was a national enterprise, but in 1993 it was bought by Mr Pilcik and transferred from being a butcher type production into a modern production plant. When entering the EU in 2003 the management at Krasno also decided that they were going to change their production to fresh meat only and buy primal bone-in elements for deboning and trimming. This has meant that they get large supplies from the EU market. Currently Krasno produce 105 tons of final products (ham, salamis, sausages, smoked meat, bacon and meat cut specialties) in two facilities in Czech Republic.

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