Food Logistic Systems

We are your partner for intra-logistics solutions in the food processing industry and distribution centres and covers all aspects of the intra-logistics:

  • Products: complete turn-key intra-logistic design
  • Solutions: from high-tech control systems to work area design
  • Products: from conveyors to price-labeling to storage systems
  • Services: from consultancy to full or partial design, construction and implementation

We work together with the client to translate your ideas into intralogistic opportunities. Together we will ensure that your products leave your site on time and in perfect condition.

We design, build and implement intra-logistics systems in which the product is developed under controlled conditions. The equipment is ruggedly built in stainless steel and meets the hygiene requirements.


We focus mainly on the poultry, meat and fish processing industry. The expertise of Marel Food Logistic Systems – in which the total intra-logistics handling is at the centre – has been used very successfully in these other food industries as well:

ready meals
fruit and vegatables


Designer of and responsible for the implementation of successful turn-key projects; integrated solutions with a unique control system. We offer the complete package of system design, hardware, software and operating system.


We have been doing this for over a hundred years using proven technology. Just in terms of control engineers we already have over thirty highly trained and experienced experts.


The solutions of Marel Food Logistic Systems are modular and easily to fit into any existing space and in any existing system.


Marel Food Logistics Systems system interfaces seamless with the various modules of Innova to ensure full control of your products throughout your complete processing, storage and distribution process.  


With the tradition of proven technology as a basis, we always develop the most advanced high-tech systems. Always in consultation with the client.


The combination of operating system, software and equipment has been tested to perform in conditioned environments, is waterproof and shock- and impact-resistant.


We meet the clients hygiene requirements. The equipment is easy to clean, maintain and operate. Using simple graphical displays, fault finding is fast and easy. At repairs a minimum of special tools is required.


Marel Food Logistic Systems is a down-to-earth partner in its project approach. Together with the client we ensure a thorough preparation with a seamless implementation of new systems as a result. Always meeting the expectation of the client.