Project development

We distinguish ourselves as a strong player in project development. Together with the client and the end user, we design intra-logistics solutions. The integrated approach by us of hardware and software ensures an optimal result. Whether it concerns a greenfield project or an improvement in the existing location.


The retail market is always in motion and sets more stringent requirements on the producer in food processing and distribution every day.

Together with the client, Marel Food Logistic Systems maps the internal logistics flows. We do this with the down-to-earth approach that characterizes Marel. Through simple questions like ‘where do we stand at this moment?’ And, ‘where do we want to go?’ We will then determine the optimum together, and see which solutions are appropriate to achieve this. Using computer-animated simulations, we test the preconditions to achieve improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

This is where the expertise and years of experience of Marel come in. Intra-logistics processes, controlled by state-of-the-art software and backed by proven technology hardware provide the perfect solution.

Using evaluation programs, we extensively test the modules, including their control. The energy we put into this stage is easily recovered due to the simplicity of the implementation. The same programs can be used for the education and training of employees.


When developing a project from scratch, a greenfield project, the environment plays a major role. The project determines the requirements for the building and the utilities. In these projects, our client will have a specialized team of Marel Food Logistic Systems engineers and consultants at its disposal, with experience in design, outfitting and construction.

With the plan as a starting point, the conditions of the project will be determined via the process and project specifications. From the building design to the implementation. Together with the client, we turn ideas into concrete specifications. This includes guiding the selection of suppliers up to the implementation and aftercare. We do this with the characteristic combination of years of project experience and the down-to-earth and pragmatic approach of Marel Food Logistic Systems.