Beef processing

Beef processing companies are often confronted with low profit margins as a result of fluctuating supply from farmers on one side and pressure from powerful retailers on the other side.

Yield has a significant and direct impact on the bottom line, making it one of the most important KPIs in fresh meat processing. The cost structure of the industry means that 60-65% of final products costs stem from raw materials. Beef processing companies therefore have to maintain complete control of yields at every stage of the deboning process – from carcass intake to product dispatch.

Additionally, the industry in general has to deal with increased costs as well as labor shortages. This has made it ever more vital for red meat processors to be able to efficiently control, monitor and measure virtually every aspect of their shop-floor operations.

Marel Meat is the global leader of systems and software for the deboning, trimming and packing of beef. We have the knowledge and experience required for the supply of advanced systems that result in high-quality beef products.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of beef processing equipment and solutions, ergonomically designed to minimize wear and tear and reduce work related strain injuries, capable of meeting the entire spectrum of requirements for deboning, trimming, portioning and packing.


Beef processing