Vísir and Marel at the forefront of processing


Together Marel and Vísir hf. have developed a new pre-trim line for FleXicut; the next step in this high-tech method of whitefish processing.

It’s been two years since FleXicut was first installed at Vísir hf. and the company has been instrumental in the continuing evolution of the system, most recently developing a new pre-trim line with Marel.

The FleXitrim pre-trim line is the next step in this high-tech method of whitefish processing. In short, it means that the level of automation that processors are already enjoying with FleXicut is now going up a notch.

This automation has already transformed the whitefish industry by reducing the need for skilled labor while greatly improving product handling and yield, leading to benefits all the way through processing.

The new pre-trim line further automates this previously manual labor-intensive process and makes it possible for fillets to be traced to individual operators, while also including automatic quality control.

“Industry cooperation has been vital to the development and the success of the FleXicut system,” explains Óskar Óskarsson, Sales Manager Marel Fish “and Vísir has been part of this project from the start. The new pre-trim line we’ve developed together is another step forward for the industry.”

As Pétur Pálsson, CEO of Vísir, explained during the groundbreaking installation of FleXicut back in 2015: “For the seafood industry, working together with a company like Marel can bring high value to the industry. There are many opportunities out there and we have always worked well with Marel and knew that together we would come up with a solution that would meet all our requirements.”

Vísir hf. is a fishing, processing, and sales company with two facilities in Grindavík, Iceland. The company produces a diverse product range from various kinds of fish, most of which are caught on long-line by its own fishing fleet.

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