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40 years and counting

It all began at the University of Iceland with a visionary idea for a digital marine scale that would revolutionize the fishing industry. Since then, we have continued to count significant milestones on our journey of transforming food processing, and now we celebrate our 40th anniversary. 

By joining forces with leading experts along the way, we have grown across countries, industries, and products. With cutting-edge solutions on which our partners can count, we have established ourselves as a global industry leader in fish, poultry and meat, with expanding focus on diversified products such as plant-based protein, pet food, baked goods, aqua feed and more. Our groundbreaking technologies in hardware and software are designed with a laser focus on sustainability to raise yield with less waste. 

We are a dynamic team of over 8,000 people reaching across continents and cultures. Immensely proud of how far we have come, we look forward to the next 40 years of Unity, Excellence, and Innovation in food processing.

Rough Seas
MRL Micro Site People Power​

40 years of people power​

Our team comes from all over the world. Each of us has a different experience and has different stories to tell about working for Marel. Leading up to the 40th anniversary, we asked some of our employees to share their stories.

MRL Micro Site Innovation 1

40 years of innovation​

Committed to transforming the food processing industry by making it smarter, more automated, and more data-driven, we invest 6% of our annual revenue in innovation. Our software and hardware solutions continue to increase value, efficiency, and profitability while sustainably meeting the world's growing demand for quality food.

MRL Micro Site Digitalization

40 years of digitalization​

Founded on a data-driven approach, we hit the ground running with our first solution, a digital marine scale. We aim to build fully connected factories enabling food processors to count on data, software, artificial intelligence, and extended reality. Our digital innovations are designed to meet new challenges, such as labor scarcity, rising demand for sustainability, and changing consumer behavior.

MRL Micro Site Sustainability

40 years of sustainability​

Everything we do aims to meet the world's increasing demand for quality food while preserving nature's depleting resources. Our groundbreaking solutions are designed to reduce waste in the fish, meat, and poultry industries, so our customers can make everything count. And we've recently expanded our portfolio into plant, pet and feed products, diversifying our product mix into new categories.​​

MRL Micro Site Partnerships

40 years of partnerships

We are proud of our close partnership and collaboration with our customers worldwide. We speak their language and are always within reach, understanding and anticipating their business needs. They can count on us to deliver cutting-edge equipment, software, and services that maximize value, profitability, and quality, guaranteeing a competitive advantage.

MRL Micro Site Global Growth 1

40 years of global growth​

Operating on six continents, we are now a growing global leader in food processing, with a secure connection to each market and a strong product portfolio. We serve our customers locally, backed by our worldwide wealth of competence in processing technology and products. ​Since the early days, we have grown together with our shareholders. Our sales- and service network and active trade show participation solidify our international presence.​​

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