High-tech salmon processing at Oddi hf. with Marel

Icelandic seafood processor Oddi has received a Marel MS2730 Filleting Machine, the first of its kind in the country.


When Marel delivered an MS2730 Filleting Machine to Iceland’s Westfjords during the Covid-19 lockdown earlier this year, Oddi hf. became the first seafood processor in the country to install this new technology.

The Filleting Machine forms the backbone of Oddi’s new salmon processing facility, which also includes whole salmon receiving equipment, manual deheading solution, a trimming line and packing station. With this advanced salmon processing technology, Oddi hf. will be able to achieve the best possible utilization of the raw material.

Successful collaboration

Oddi hf. constantly endeavors to equip its fish processing facilities in the best possible way, and employs high-tech solutions and software from Marel. The two companies have a long history of working together with the common goal of remaining highly progressive in the fish processing industry.

In 2005, for example, Oddi installed a Marel flow-line solution at its whitefish processing facility, with software that manages all aspects of production. The Innova software from Marel gives production managers at Oddi a real-time overview of production that makes it easy to optimize performance. Oddi has since added portion-cutting, freezing and grading equipment for frozen fillets and portions.

Oddi has always been quick to adopt new technologies in order to maximize raw material utilization and end-product quality. In 2016, Oddi hf. invested in the revolutionary Marel FleXicut system for its whitefish processing facility, which automatically removes the pinbones from fillets and portions according to predetermined specifications.

Every gram counts

Being competitive on the international market has always been part of our business model, so it made sense to work with Marel, as they are a global leader in salmon processing technology.

Skjoldur Pálmason, CEO
Oddi hf.

Skjoldur continues: "with salmon prices high, it is more important than ever to ensure the maximum use of every kilo. A high level of automation is also critical for us, and this Filleting Machine can trim each fillet automatically."

Remote installation during the global lockdown

Marel service experts made full use of technology to bring together the right expertise and ensure a smooth installation at Oddi while counteracting the travel restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has hampered the typical movement of Marel service staff during installations and maintenance.

A Marel expert in installing the MS2730 Filleting Machine, located in Stovring, Denmark, instructed a Marel service engineer in Iceland via tele- and videoconferencing so that they could jointly set up the machine.

Local salmon, local knowledge – global reach

The salmon processed at Oddi’s new facility will come from two salmon producers nearby: Arnarlax and Arctic Fish, both located in Iceland’s Westfjords. This proximity of the processing facility to the salmon breeding facilities ensures the best quality of the raw material, which is crucial for Oddi to retain its competitive edge in foreign markets.

At the factory, Oddi will make good use of local knowledge, with employees harboring half a century of experience in the production and sale of marine products.

First class salmon processing technology

Marel first introduced the MS 2730 Filleting Machine in 2012 and has continually enhanced its features and performance since then. The machine has proven itself around the world time and again. One of its most celebrated features now is that it combines the processes of salmon filleting and trimming, thereby ensuring better utilization than any other automatic filleting machines on the market.

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