Transforming a tough job into a high-precision cut

After Cutting

By adding the automatic Salmon Tail Cutter to the existing filleting line, Scandic Salmon increased the throughput while eliminating the tough job of cutting the tail manually.

Scandic Salmon owner Nick Jensen was introduced to our Salmon Tail Cutter MS 2705.30 at the Salmon ShowHow, Marel’s annual customer event at the Demo Center in Copenhagen. He saw potential in automating the tail cutting, which was done manually by the operators who also cut off the heads before the filleting. Manual tail cutting is hard work that requires extra time and is difficult to grasp the fish accurately.

After the Salmon ShowHow, the Tail Cutter was tested in Scandic Salmon’s facilities and added to the existing filleting line between the PaceInfeeder MS 2725 and the Filleting Machine MS 2730.

Since then, the tail cutter has significantly impacted the filleting line, with one operator less needed at the deheading station and the average throughput raised from 18 to 22 fish per minute. “The tail cutter is running smoothly and has led to better stability on the line with fewer downgrades on the fillets,” explains Nick Jensen.

Cutting off the tail before the filleting process improves fillet quality because filleting is optimized by keeping the knives close to the center of the fish.

I was surprised by the high precision cutting done by the Salmon Tail Cutter.

Nick Jensen

“The tail cutter has been extremely reliable, the daily operation is effortless with no need for adjustments during the production hours, and it’s easy to dismantle for cleaning,” says Nick Jensen.

For Scandic Salmon, the uptime is crucial, as they are processing two trucks of salmon per day, equal to 36 tonnes – 6 days a week. The Danish company located in Lemvig currently has 70 employees producing smoked and fresh salmon fillets. The product range consists of whole side fillets and packs of sliced smoked salmon from 100 g up to 2 kg.

The primary market for Scandic Salmon is Germany and other European countries, as well as overseas customers in Australia and USA.

To learn more about the Salmon Tail Cutter, read our product story.

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