223 meter chicken barbecue world record

Kazakh Makinskaya poultry plant celebrates its official inauguration


On 28 September, on the occasion of the official inauguration of the new Makinkskaya Ptice Fabrika poultry plant in the Kazakh town of Makinsk, a new Guinness record for chicken kebab barbecue was set.

The official inauguration of Makinkskaya Ptice Fabrika (MPF) was witnessed by about 300 international guests. It is the largest poultry processing plant in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, which, after completion of the second phase of the project, will produce 50,000 tons of poultry meat a year. By that time, the poultry processing plant will have a capacity of 9,000 bph.

It is equipped with the newest technologies from Marel regarding primary processing, chilling, cut-up, and packaging. Thanks to this hi-tech equipment in of the Makinsk poultry plant, MPF is now able to increase the volume of deliveries to KFC. Apparently, Kazakhstani chicken eaters are huge fans of wings.

The MPF processing plant is part of a large poultry integration project, which also includes hatchery, feed mill, and 42 farm houses, growing about 3 million chickens per month.

Laborious attempt

After the inauguration of the Makinsk poultry factory, 220 employees started to prepare the chicken barbecue record attempt. The official delegate of the Guinness Book of records, who flew in from London, was very strict. To meet all official requirements, the preparation of the record turned out to be quite challenging.

The giant barbecue, installed on the central town square, was supposed to be straight and without bends. The countless shish kebabs, made out of 420 kilograms of chicken meat, had to measure 65 cm each. Preparation of the meat was laborious: all pre-cooked shish kebabs had to be laid simultaneously on the heated braziers and cooked so that they were fried from all sides and were really edible.

All Kazakhstanis were invited to take part in the festivities. About 3,000 people had the opportunity to taste one of the record kebabs and they were very excited to do so; the public almost stormed the barbecue.

At the end of the event, the Guinness delegate confirmed that the old barbecue record, set in 2007 in Singapore, had been beaten by 83 meters. Makinskaya’s new barbecue record, registered at 223 meters, will be officially mentioned in the next edition of the Guinness Book of Records.

A national mission

“For Kazakhstan, the opening of the Makinsky poultry project is very important, because it will mean a crucial import substitution,” said Malik Murzalin, akim (head of local government) of the Akmola district. This region is the main supplier of meat, milk, vegetables, and other food products to Astana. Once the Makinsk poultry factory reaches its full capacity, the share of imports to Kazakhstan of chicken meat will drop from 50% to 30%. “The launch of this project will push the Akmola district to become the republic’s leading region in poultry meat production. This will be the key to successfully enhancing the country's self-sufficiency in food production.”

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