A cut above

Fully automated, whole muscle nugget production


Marel's brand new Automated Nugget Line is a well thought-out integrated system. It consists of an I-Cut 122 which cuts strips, discharged by a SpeedSort. Next in line is the SingleFeed to singulate the strips.

The brand new StripPositioner rotates incoming strips and tenders 90 degrees and spaces them appropriately so they are in the perfect position for the second I-Cut 122. This portion cutter will then take care of optimized nugget portioning. This automated cubing solution is truly “A Cut Above” and saves considerable labor.

Automated Nugget Line / StripPositioner

Marel’s newest star in this concept is the StripPositioner. The StripPositioner is an add-on feature to the SingleFeed module. While the SingleFeed singulates bulk items for further processing, the StripPositioner positions strips or tenders for optimal cutting. The StripPositioner rotates the strips and tenders 90 degrees and spaces them appropriately so they are in the perfect position for the I-Cut 122 for nugget portioning.

Easy to operate and maintain

The StripPositioner is added functionality with low maintenance, cleanability and operation. It’s a simple design which eliminates the bottleneck area of feeding and orientation of strips, without the need for manual operation. 

Higher productivity

The StripPositioner provides higher productivity with a reduction of labor. Improves yield by reducing rework/trim pieces that are caused from poor infeed quality. This new StripPositioner system realizes approx. 30% higher throughput with 5-6% higher yield and at the same time better product quality with a labor reduction.

Cube cutting with lowest give-away

Two dual lane I-Cut 122 portion cutters, which combine high levels of accuracy and minimal giveaway with high throughput and impressive reliability, are at the heart of the Automated Nugget Line. Input material for the first I-Cut 122 can be deboned breast or thigh meat. Butterflies can previously be split by the Breast Splitter.

At the end of the Nugget Line, the second I-Cut 122 portioner produces nuggets with precise specifications. The result is uniform cubes of breast or thigh meat cut to fixed weight and dimensions. Altogether, the Automated Nugget Line ensures one of the lowest give-away figures in the market, with the lowest demand for manual labor.

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