Bristol Seafood invest in additional Marel processing solutions

Portland, Maine based Bristol Seafood has invested in new Marel equipment and technology for its growing groundfish business. This investment will increase the processing capacity for Bristol and give them new capabilities, including precision grading of portions and fillets, custom processing, and custom batching.

As a leading global provider of processing solutions for the fish industry, Marel values their partnership with Bristol and are very happy to be part of this state-of-the-art facility. “Our aim is always to help our customers improve their efficiencies and yields in a market which is now changing at a faster pace than ever before,” states Marel's North American business manager for the fish industry. 

Smartline Grader 2016 014

Bristol Seafood’s investment in new Marel equipment and technologies matches their growing processing needs. “This investment and partnership with Marel gives us new capabilities that bring our customers unmatched quality, consistency, precision, and customization”, stated Bristol President and CEO Peter Handy.

Some of Marel’s most advanced technologies for the fish processing industry will automate the lines of the Bristol Seafood facility. Among them, the I-Cut 11 Portion Cutter will facilitate fixed-weight and length portioning; the Smartline Grader will accurately grade; the FleXicut will optimize fillet utilization; the Multihead Weigher will deliver high throughput of batches and the Skinner will reduce handling. In tandem, this equipment will maximize yield and efficiency.


For more than 40 years, Marel equipment and solutions have been supporting food processors of all sizes to help them operate at peak productivity. Fish processors around the world are better utilizing raw materials while reducing processing time and increasing automation and food safety. In partnership with our customers, Marel is transforming the way food is processed.

“Marel equipment brings a new level of quality, consistency, and precision to Bristol’s products”, said Handy. With this investment, Bristol Seafood is innovating its processing capabilities in order to improve efficiency, yield, and quality with the highest standard of technology. “It fills us with pride when companies like Bristol Seafood choose to work with us to continuously improve the quality of their product and product offerings. We look forward to a long relationship between Marel and Bristol Seafood – a relationship where we can grow together,” concluded Marel's North American business manager for the fish industry.

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