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For producers of scalded and cooked sausage products, flake ice (also known as scale ice) is indispensable to control sausage meat temperature during the cutting process. However, MAJA Flake Ice has numerous other uses that can help perfect your products and keep your customers coming back for more. Whether you want to cool your curing brine, bake better bread, or create appetizing displays, MAJA Flake Ice offers ideal cooling properties.

1. Chill sausage products quickly and precisely

When producing cooked and boiled sausage, you can replace some of the added water with ice to reduce the heat generated during the mincing process in the bowl cutter. Thanks to the large surface area of the fine, 1-2 millimeter thick ice flakes, the ice mixes evenly with the sausage meat, so you can achieve the correct temperature very quickly and precisely. You can also add flake ice during the brining process, to set the curing brine temperature.

Another application for flake ice is the cooling of cooked and scalded sausages in a water bath. By adding flake ice instead of large quantities of liquid water, you can lower the temperature of the water bath quickly while keeping energy and water expenditure to a minimum.

Flake ice Bowl Cutter from a MAJA industrial ice machine cools meat temperature during mixing for sausage making

2. Create fresh and appealing shop counter displays

Flake ice is not only used during production, but also inside the shop. Butchers, fishmongers and delicatessens must display a range of meat, seafood and deli product delicacies for sale in a cooled counter.

Studies on shopping behavior have shown that products from the service counter looks particularly fresh and appetizing to shoppers on a bed of fresh flake ice. However, the ice offers not only visual appeal but also practical advantages, keeping perishable products cool and preventing moisture loss.

Bedding fish in flake ice

3. Control dough temperature for better baked goods

MAJA flake ice is ideally suited for the production of baked goods such as breads and pastries. Adding flake ice enables you to control the temperature of the dough and avoid overheating during processes such as kneading, rolling out and laminating. This is particularly useful in warm environments and for doughs that need to be worked vigorously or for a long duration.

Flake ice keeps the dough chilled as it is worked, allowing gluten structure to develop optimally while avoiding stickiness and tearing. Unlike external methods of cooling, flake ice disperses evenly throughout the dough, cooling it quickly and evenly.

Bakeries and retail bakers use specific amounts of flake ice from a MAJA industrial ice maker to cool dough during mixing and kneading

4. Help customers keep their parties cool

If you offer event catering services, use flake ice to add a particularly fresh and decorative touch. On a bed of flake ice, your salads, sauces, deli platters and desserts will be perfectly presented and cooled at the same time. A bucket filled with ice also keeps drinks cold and refreshing.

You can also share ice from your flake ice maker with your customers. People buying their party grilling supplies from you won't have to make a second trip to buy ice at the gas station or supermarket because your ice machine can easily cover this additional service. Your customers will appreciate this!

Sushi on flake ice

MAJA Flake Ice machines produce ice hygienically and sustainably

With a range of equipment options to suit every application, MAJA Flake Ice machines produce the exact ice quality that mixes perfectly with sausage meat, while fulfilling a wide range of other purposes.

We focus firmly on hygienic production, which lets you create ice of the highest quality. We also take great pride in being the leading manufacturer in sustainable ice making solutions. We use eco-friendly refrigerants, helping you to keep your carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

MAJA, now a part of Marel, has been supplying highly reliable and energy efficient ice machines to the meat industry since 1955. Our many decades of knowledge and experience make us the ideal partner for all your needs in ice production.

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