Going the extra mile for our customers during COVID-19

How one salesman took to the open road to bring the machines to his customers

Dennis Vos with Marel equipment and truck

Moving into the third year of canceled tradeshows and exhibitions, one Marel salesman took it upon himself to go door to door

The relationships with our customers are important to us, and the pandemic has made it challenging to maintain those connections. Since the onset of COVID-19, most tradeshows and exhibitions we attend have been canceled, and access to our demo centers around the world has been limited. We not only supply our customers with the solutions that help elevate their business but also collaborate to innovate processing equipment and software, nurture strong bonds that move our industry forward and grow together with mutual support.

Marel Truck On The Road

Creative connecting

To connect with the customers in his territory, fish salesman Dennis Vos decided to hit the road and bring the equipment to the doorsteps of his customers across Germany, Austria and Italy. With the ongoing pandemic restrictions, Dennis knew he had to come up with something creative to allow customers to experience some of our most efficient standalone machines. So, at the beginning of September 2021, he jumped in a truck, loaded up a pinboner, slicer and a skinner, and took them on a roadshow to visit over 30 customers across three countries.

Meetings were scheduled ahead of time to respect everyone’s pandemic safety measures. Customers new and old were thrilled to have the rare opportunity to have machines brought into their own facilities and see firsthand how they performed with their own products. Because customers could see the machines perform in their environment with their products, they could compare the equipment with what they currently have. They were also able to see the value in the yield, the easy cleaning and the adaptability that our machines offer.

Processed fish on conveyor belt

A great success

One client in Austria, far from his processing facility, got an outdoor demo thanks to good weather. Another was so impressed with what he saw that he bought all three machines on the spot for his production line devoted to restaurants. Dennis’s travels took him across three countries, including one snowy and narrow route through the mountains known as “Hell’s Passing.” Needless to say, that customer was very grateful and impressed by his dedication.

Overall, Dennis’ sales road trip was a massive success with new relationships established, machines sold, new orders on the horizon and many happy customers.

Outdoor Marel machine demo with client

Pride in our people

People like Dennis Vos, driven by a passion for what they do and go beyond what is expected, make Marel so unique. We are proud of our team of incredible salespeople who remain positive in the face of uncertainty and continue to fuel the innovation that helps us transform food processing.


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