Introducing our new slicer MSC 55 MA

Essential slicing for a wide variety of products

Slicing MSC 55MA

The new single-lane slicer is ideal for producers of fresh and smoked fish products looking for maximum flexibility.

Cut all your products on one machine

The latest Multi Angle Slicer MSC 55 MA covers all your slicing needs if you are looking for a basic slicer for your daily cutting of fresh smoked salmon, raw salmon and similar species into slices between 2 and 60 mm. Operators can set the cutting angle between 10° and 70° to produce various products such as standard D-cut slices, buffet cut, sashimi, hot smoked portions and raw salmon kirimi portions.

How it works

Operating the Multi Angle Slicer MSC 55 MA is straightforward; the cutting angle is manually adjusted before the production starts to match the type of product to be cut. The knife speed and the cutting thickness can be adjusted before and during the cutting process.

The operator places fillets on the infeed conveyor, and they automatically move into the cutting area for slicing at the preset angle and thickness. Our industry-leading slicing technology and the new rotating cutting block ensure the highest slicing quality. At the outfeed conveyor, the sliced product is delivered to a board on a roller conveyor. From there, it’s removed for packing or further handling, and a new board is inserted manually for the next load.

Cleaning made easy

The Multi Angle Slicer MSC 55 MA is uniquely designed to meet the highest cleaning standards. After use, all parts critical for access and cleaning—knives, cutting blocks and belts—can be easily removed and placed on the integrated cleaning rack.

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Salmon Slicer MSC 55 MA Render

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