Marel joins Dutch partnership for Indonesia’s poultry sector


The Indonesian poultry sector is rapidly gaining importance with an estimated annual growth of 7% in the coming ten years. Given the high growth expectations for the Indonesian poultry industry, a considerable expansion of capacities is needed all through the value chain. The Dutch Food Tech Indonesia consortium seeks to support Indonesian poultry companies in this development.

A great number of leading Dutch companies and knowledge institutes, which all are experienced in the Indonesian market, have teamed up with the purpose to support and enhance the strengthening of the poultry sector. Together, they form a consortium of trusted providers named FoodTechIndonesia, as a single point of contact for Indonesian investors and entrepreneurs.
Besides Marel, Food Tech Indonesia includes Van Aarsen, Trouw Nutrition, Pas Reform, Moba, Mavitec, Kanters, DSM, De Heus and Aeres.

Sharing best practices

On 14 March 2019, the FoodTechIndonesia partnership was formally launched at VIV Asia in Bangkok. Representatives of all consortium members were joined by Louis Beijer, Agricultural Counsellor of the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia. He said, “The Netherlands is internationally renowned for innovative and sustainable production of poultry products. Dutch policies and practices regarding food quality, circularity, product safety and hygiene are considered as the highest international standards. Our government supports Dutch companies with sharing best practices and knowledge and facilitates trade and investments in Indonesia.”

Integrated solutions

The complementary parties of the consortium represent all steps in the poultry value chain. FoodTechIndonesia is therefore capable of providing Indonesian companies with integrated solutions. The consortium will establish demo chicken farms and provide training, showing that this Dutch approach is commercially profitable and meeting Indonesian demands.

Increasing buying power

Indonesia is the largest country and economy of South East Asia, with an increasingly urban and fast-growing population of over 266 million people. Per capita annual poultry meat consumption is expected to increase from 10.9 kg to approximately 15 kg in 2023. The growing middle class – with increasing buying power – is conscious about food quality & safety and is changing preferences towards protein-rich and value-added products.

Emerging regions

Matthias Brienen, Director of Larive International and coordinator of the consortium says, “Historically, investments in the poultry sector have been strongly concentrated in West Java. Recently, we have noticed increasing interest in Indonesia’s emerging regions, such as North & South Sumatra, Bali, Central Java, Central & South Sulawesi and South and East Kalimantan. Companies investing in these regions form an interesting target group for the FoodTechIndonesia consortium. By introducing more knowledge-intensive production systems, Indonesia can improve its competitive position in the region. Our full value chain approach applies to both integrated companies and independent parties.”

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