Marel to equip Primex’s ultramodern new whitefish plant


Primex is teaming up with Marel in an exciting greenfield plant for the production of whitefish in Norway.

The project will use the latest technology from Marel to ensure a highly modern and economic process with the best possible yield, quality and productivity.

The new factory at Myre, in northern Norway, will become operational in the beginning of 2018, producing vacuum packed cod loins and portions as well as other products.

The Marel equipment will extend across the processing chain to include raw material grading, pre-trimming, automatic pinboning and portioning followed by quality control and packing.

Processing priorities 

The Primex investment in Marel equipment and software is a perfect fit with the company’s priorities to produce quality products while maximizing gains in yield, reduced give-away, optimal primary product ratio and productivity, and factoring in the flexibility needed to accommodate future changes in capacity.

As well as achieving a very high level of automation, Primex will use Innova Food Processing Software to manage and optimize the whole production process: controlling the distribution of raw material coming in, and controlling production based on product orders.

Monitoring the production and knowing in real time what is happening on the production floor is the key strength of Innova. With important feedback on uptime, performance and quality, the management team can optimize equipment efficiency to ensure that they achieve the optimal return on investment.

Cutting give-away 

The high accuracy of Marel batching and portioning equipment keeps give-away low, which is especially important for cod production, where the cost of give-away is substantial.

This makes FleXicut a vital part of the Primex factory concept. The greatest value of FleXicut is the product optimization it achieves by intelligently planning the cut-up of each and every fillet individually.

As each fillet arrives from the pre-trim lines into the FleXicut machine, it is measured, its pinbones are cut out, and it is portioned according to preconfigured preferences.

Robot technology and automation 

The installation will use a completely new robot technology that will improve product distribution and handling. This new production technology is taking automation in the whitefish industry to a whole new level.

Quality by design 

Marel equipment is designed to handle the product as gently as possible, and to keep processing time and human touch points to a minimum. These equipment traits improve product quality, which is especially important in the production of high quality portions, and which is vital to a factory’s long-term profitability.

“This new factory is an exciting project for Marel that will set new benchmarks in the whitefish industry,” says Bergur Guðmundsson, Project Sales Manager, Marel Fish.

“We’re thrilled to be involved in designing the solutions that will deliver results in terms of quality, yield and the primary product ratio, and we look forward to developing with Primex as the facility evolves.”

For media inquiries and high resolution images: Stella Kristinsdóttir, Marketing Manager Marel Fish:


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