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This notification states the End of Sale (EOS), End of Life (EOL) for the following Marel Product:

  • MPS (all modules and versions)

The EOS date will take place from this notification date. The EOS is the last date to order the above product. The product will no longer be offered for sale

The EOL date will take place 31.03.2013. EOL means that the product life cycle has come to an end and the product is then obsolete.

The EOL has been made in response to Marel strategy of making Innova the new common software platform, replacing all older software platforms. Innova is based on latest information technology to ensure customers lowest total cost of ownership.After EOL is announced, customers are strongly advised to upgrade to this new replacement product:

  • Innova

Please contact Marel for further information on our replacement product as well as information on how Marel can assist and guide you through the EOL process with the aim to minimize any inconvenience.

This notice serves as formal communication of Marel decision to end the life of the product noted.

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