Quality scanning of salmon fillets

Fish Innova Software Processing

The QC Scanner is an efficient and accurate device for checking the quality of your salmon fillets after filleting and trimming, or after skinning. This gives you the benefit of monitoring and registering the quality of your products, allowing you to grade and sort them according to your criteria or customer specifications.

How it works

A 2D vision camera rapidly scans the surface of each fillet and detects melanin and blood spots, trimming and skinning defects, and levels of brown meat. It can also identify the color of selected areas to color grade the fillets according to industry standards.

A 3D vision camera estimates the fillet weight by measuring volume. This feature can be used to indicate the yield trend, which helps determine when the filleting machine needs adjusting.

Easy to operate

All settings are easily adjusted on the scanner’s user-friendly color touchscreen. Programs with different tolerances can be stored so that settings can be changed quickly and easily.

gate system for sorting

The QC Scanner is available with a single or dual-gate system to sort fillets for rework or to meet certain quality criteria. With our flexible gate system the fillets can be sent to down or up-grade, reject, rework or pushed out for trim, according to the pre-selected tolerances.

Real-time monitoring software

Our Innova QC Scanner module can monitor and report on fillet quality after filleting, trimming and skinning. Information about quality is collected in real time and stored in the Innova database, so you can analyze, sort the material, quality grade and optimize the quality process.

Key benefits

By scanning with the QC Scanner, you can:

  • Sort the fillets straight after filleting, trimming or skinning for grading or rework
  • Monitor the yield trend
  • Determine when to adjust the settings on your filleting machine
  • Gain control of the quality of your products and the quality from your suppliers
  • Automate quality control
  • Improve decision-making by using Innova software to create reports on key statistics

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