United, Marel, Curio and Valka are transforming fish processing

Our vision is of a world where quality food is produced sustainably and affordably

Salmon Water Jet Cutting

With Curio and Valka joining Marel, we can serve our customer even better.

Driven by a passion to help feed our growing world, Marel, Curio and Valka are united to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the seafood industry. We do this by producing automated, data-driven and robotic fish processing solutions that ensure food safety, eliminate food waste and provide complete traceability. Our wide range of equipment is built for processors of all sizes, from single-skill units for specific processes such as weighing, cutting and bone removal to complete solutions such as grading, filleting, portion-cutting and slicing lines.

Driven by shared experience and knowledge, we help fish processors meet the industry’s challenges and gain a competitive edge. We share a long history of developing cutting-edge solutions for the whitefish, salmon and seafood industries in close collaboration with our customers around the world. With our fingers constantly on the pulse of the industry, our customers are maximizing their raw material, decreasing their dependence on labor, and efficiently adapting to the ever-changing market demand.

Driven by innovation, we create solutions that utilize digitization, automation and robotics. Our joint technical know-how accelerates the development of state-of-the-art technology and allows processors to adapt swiftly and intelligently to a rapidly changing market. Our advanced equipment, solutions and software help fish processors optimize yield, quality and throughput across the value chain while decreasing labor dependence and raw material waste.

Driven by commitment, we support our customers in maintaining optimal production flow, uptime, and output with local sales and service teams. Together, we are in a key position to reach customers quickly and efficiently worldwide by leveraging our global sales and service network in over 30 countries, ensuring proximity to customers for sales, installation and aftermarket services. We continuously strive to maintain close partnerships with our customers, helping them secure reliable and high-performance production throughout the life cycle of their equipment. Our strong local presence is also key to understanding the market, consumers, retailers, and trends in the food industry.

Whitefish fillet procesing

Driven by data, we improve productivity and help you make more informed decisions for your business. Helping you produce the right product at the right time for the right customer is our priority, and the key is data. Through our data-driven solutions, the opportunity to increase product value, significantly reduce food waste and move towards a more demand-driven production is well within reach. With reliable data, processors have access to vital machine insights that can help optimize your line and reduce downtime when service is required.

Driven by collaboration, we grow with our customers to meet and anticipate their needs. Through our customer partnerships, we share valuable information that moves the innovation of the fish processing industry forward. As the food processing landscape changes and consumer demand evolves, our customers can count on us to grow alongside them with the equipment, software and solutions that they need. Whether large or small, from sea to table, Marel, Curio and Valka have the equipment for your fish processing needs.

Driven by unity, we are here to serve you better.

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