Zakrzewscy builds another new facility

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Zakrzewscy Meat Processing Plant, which began operations in 1994, is one of the largest producers of red meat in Poland. It is a family business, with two generations of the Zakrzewscy family involved. Its main slaughter and meat processing plant in Kosów Lacki, northeast of Warsaw, is currently building a completely new slaughtering facility for cattle, bulls and steers with Marel equipment.

Under construction

The new cattle slaughter plant is designed to meet the latest and highest standards of hygiene, COVID-19 ‘new normal’ rules for employees and employer routines throughout the buildings, as well as animal welfare standards. In the construction of the plant, all energy saving possibilities are also being taken into account. The complete processing system is created by Marel.

Construction is ongoing, with the slaughter halls divided into two floor levels. In this way the separation of inedible materials like feet, horns and hide can easily be achieved. From the cooling rooms onwards to the cutting and deboning areas and into the dispatch, the plant is designed as a single-floor construction.

For the ritual slaughter process, there are several specific technical solutions being installed. The majority of all employees’ working stands are height adjustable, achieving the maximum ergonomic standard.

The slaughtering is divided into areas with ‘hides on’ or ‘hides removed,’ each of them with separate entrances for employees. Carcass cooling rooms for the several days of refrigeration are fully automated, and processes upon quartering, deboning retail or consumer ready, or further processing are managed using Marel's Innova software. 

The Zakrzewscy group consists of Zakłady Mięsne Zakrzewscy, Zakłady Mięsne Stanisławów and Fento. The brands Zakrzewscy, Stanisławów and Fento are known, recognizable and appreciated on the Polish, European and world markets.

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