Chains and sprockets

  • Different types of chains are available
  • Low-maintenance chains to reduce costs
  • Chains can be used independently from the original supplier
  • Replacement advice by measuring stretch or based on operating hours


We offer a wide range of chains, so can provide you with the right chain for different requirements. The range of chains comprises different types and brands in order to be in line with all possible applications in slaughter lines and logistic lines. Not only for the own installations, but also for third-party installations and independent of the original suppliers of the chain or the conveyor.

We go beyond the supply of a loose chain or sprocket. Preventive replacement advice based on wear and tear measurements or preventive replacement on the basis of operating hours are also possible. There are several types of chains available, all to be supplied with different carriers and sprockets.

  • Modular chain
  • Conventional chain
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Low-maintenance chain
  • Link chain


Sprockets are available in different types and materials. This includes plastic and metal sprockets.

In the patented system of stainless steel sprockets with interchangeable teeth, plastic teeth are mounted into a stainless steel frame. The major advantages are:

  • Optimal balance of power in the chain.
  • Longer chain life.
    • Due to the special design of the wheel-tooth combination, higher wear and tear of the chain can be compensated than with traditional ‘fixed’ chains.
  • The teeth adapt during the wear and tear of the chain.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
    • The wheels will not wear for several chain lifetimes. Only the bronze bushing and teeth are wearing parts.
  • The plastic teeth are easy to replace.
    • This can be done without removing the sprocket from the frame.

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