• High-speed singulating
  • Automated vacuum infeed
  • Simply effective
  • Consistent operation, easily controllable
  • Compact design


When bulk supplied poultry meat needs to be singulated for weighing, grading, inspection, portioning, further processing or freezing purposes, the SingleFeed is the ideal solution. It is a high-speed system, featuring automated vacuum infeed and singulation of products.

The SingleFeed is suitable for nuggets or tenders which are supplied as bulk, batches or irregular flows. Making use of a vacuum procedure, singulation is done with wet products (water chilled or applied water mist).

SingleFeed can be used in many different ways. It can, for example, feed belt graders (dual lane) with tenders or small boneless products. It can serve as a supply source for dual or triple lane SensorX systems. Or it can feed dual lane nugget grading systems.

No matter which one of the above tasks the SingleFeed performs, it always ensures a consistent operation. As it is easily controlled too, the SingleFeed is simply effective.

Furthermore the SingleFeed has a smaller footprint than manual alternatives. In fact, it's the most compact automated singulation solution on the market. It takes up very little space in the processing plant, while replacing up to six manual operations in belt grader applications.

The SingleFeed adds a lot of functionality with a minimal need for maintenance.

  • Singulation from bulk at the highest speed
  • Delivering singulated products for weighing, inspection, grading, portioning, freezing, further processing, etc. 
  • Suitable for small boneless products
  • Labor saving - 2 to 6 people in belt grader applications
  • Lane offset and product spacing are flexibly adjustable
  • The most compact automated singulation solution on the market
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Low need for maintenance
  • Suitable for wet products (water chilled or applied water mist)


Only available in North America. 


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