Barbarossa bakeries are future ready with a DIVIDER startUp slicer

Slicing more than bread in Barbarossa bakeries

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Barbarossa bakery is showing just how useful a slicer for meat and cheese can be to meet the rapidly changing demands of consumer trends.

Bakeries traditionally purchase bread slicers, ice machines and the like. Barbarossa recognized the advantages of bringing slicing for their snacks and breakfasts in-house to reduce costs and improve product quality. In July 2022, Marel was excited to install the DIVIDER startUp in Barbarossa’s Kaiserslautern facility and help them make the tastiest snacks and breakfasts for their customers.

Dieter Hoffmann Rollauer Barbarossa

Barbarossa has a long relationship with Marel solutions with TREIF bread slicers and MAJA ice machines in stores keeping customers happy with consistent quality. They were looking to change from pre-sliced, mass-produced products to freshly cut goods for their roll fillings and breakfasts. “We produce complete toppings for our assorted rolls. We were looking for a machine which guarantees all components are cut and processed directly by us for freshness,” said Hermann Hoffmann-Rollauer, Barbarossa’s snack department manager. “Marel have well thought out and high-quality machines, and good customer service.” It was a logical choice for Barbarossa to explore the expanded portfolio of Marel to find the solution to their slicing needs.

Barbarossa worked with a Marel product specialist to find the perfect solution which would meet all of their needs and fit into their current store footprint. The DIVIDER startUp stood out to Dieter Hoffman-Rollauer, “it was compact, easy-to-operate and solidly built.” It also met their need for a flexible, premium slicer. The DIVIDER startUp offers exceptional product flexibility, ideal for a busy bakery chain who needs a variety of sliced goods every day. No conversion is needed when changing between products making daily production of multiple end-products fast and easy. The hygienic design enables quick cleaning to keep the highest level of hygiene and food safety.

Barbarossa DIVIDER Startup

Providing regionally produced products sustainably not only matches consumer trends, it also aligns with Barbarossa’s core business values. “We process approximately 130 kilograms of sausages and 30 kilograms of gouda and cheddar cheese daily,” says Hoffman-Rollauer.  Shifting from pre-cut sausages and cheese to whole products sliced in-house, ensures Barbarossa has the versatility to adapt and trial new market trends, for example, thicker or thinner sausage slices, without pre-planning and reliance on external suppliers. Product freshness is improved, and costs reduced. “It also means our products taste better due to the fresher raw material we can use,” says Hoffman-Rollauer.

Barbarossa Sliced Product

The installation of the DIVIDER startUp helps reduce the pressure of rising raw material and energy costs being felt by Barbarossa and their customers alike. The slicing technology requires fewer blade rotations to achieve the same result as other slicers. This means products can be cut at higher temperatures without losing accuracy, reducing product tempering and thereby lowering energy use. The incredible accuracy of slices and easy adjustability means operators have more control over raw material use, minimizing giveaway and improving yield and profitability. Assisting Barbarossa in meeting their goals of operating as a sustainably driven business.

Barbarossa bakery has been serving the people of Germany since 1977, with a continued eye on providing quality bakery products, snacks and breakfasts to their retail and delivery customers. They currently have over 70 stores country-wide and have no plans to stop growing. What does the future hold? Hoffman-Rollauer says, “Maintaining quality standards, increasing productivity and sales in the same floor space.” Marel’s DIVIDER startUp is helping them move into the future with adaptability and sustainability.

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