Two identical upgrades for CP Foods


International poultry concern, CP Foods, is carrying out virtually the same modernization program at two of its Chinese processing plants located in Hubei and Fujian provinces. Marel Poultry was chosen to upgrade the most important parts of these plants with completely new equipment suitable for handling 12,500 bph [208 bpm] in Hubei and 13,500 bph [225 bpm] in Fujian.


CP’s Hubei and Fujian plants are in the cities of Suizhou and Longyan, 1,000 km [621 miles] from each other in South Eastern China. Management at the two plants was keen to find alternative evisceration solutions. Both companies were looking for a new supplier and for new solutions, which needed to be efficient, effective, consistent and above all reliable. That’s exactly why CP opted for Marel Poultry as its new supplier and for Nuova as its new evisceration solution.

Automated harvesting

Both facilities have specified complete Nuova evisceration lines. These will process products at the required line speeds, performing faultlessly and providing optimum yields. CP Fujian and Hubei will also reap the benefits of the automatic transfer of giblets to a separate viscera shackle. CP wants to be able to harvest giblets automatically using giblet line equipment such as the PI intestine remover, which leaves gall bladders intact, the PLH liver harvester, the HLH heart lung harvester and the HLS heart lung separator.

Profitable form

Once eviscerated products have been chilled, they are ready to be graded and selected. A SmartWeigher grades them by weight, sizing them for sale as whole products or determining how they will be cut. Both CP Hubei and CP Fujian can now be confident that each and every product will be put into its most profitable form.

Traceability and food safety

Innova PDS product distribution software gathers all relevant data from overhead processing lines throughout the plant. It follows and monitors each individual product from shackling in the killing line right through to its release as a whole product or cut portion. This software is an indispensable tool for CP Foods, enabling the company to meet its customers’ traceability requirements and at the same time contributing to improved food safety.


Once the SmartWeigher has identified the products most suitable for cut-up, two ACM-NT cut-up systems take over in the process. The Chinese market has specific requirements for chicken cuts. This is where Marel Poultry’s ACM-NT system really stands out, as it is able to replicate automatically the high quality standards achieved manually by staff skilled in China’s traditional cuts. ACM-NT’s flexible modular construction makes this possible, allowing for specific cutting options such as neck, leaf fat, spine and tail cutting as well as anatomic leg cutting using the JL leg processor and Chinese wing cutting using the Second Joint Wing Cutter.

CP Hubei cuts up for fast food

CP Hubei is an important supplier to Chinese fast food restaurants. It therefore must comply with the often exacting standards set by these restaurant chains. It was quickly recognized that the Marel Poultry 9-piece ACM cut-up line was the best solution for Hubei. This automated line can handle 4,000 bph [66 bpm] and produces the exact 9-piece cut required by demanding fast food customers.

First AMF-i systems in China

For the very first time, Marel Poultry’s AMF-i breast cap fillet system becomes operational in a Chinese plant. There are three systems at CP Hubei and four at CP Fujian to handle the output from these plants’ ACM lines. AMF-i automatically detects the size of breast caps fed to the system. Deboning modules downstream adjust themselves automatically accordingly, resulting in top yield adaptive filleting with no human input needed.

About CP foods

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) is one of the world’s leading listed agro-industrial and food conglomerates running vertically integrated business. The company operates in 16 countries and exports products to over 30 countries, covering more than 4 billion people around the world. The company is involved in both livestock and aquaculture sectors. It manufactures animal feed, breeds and farms animals, processes meat, makes food products and ready meals and is active in both the retail and restaurant business.


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