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Meeting the demand for sushi

The consumption of sushi is growing worldwide. In addition to restaurant dining, sushi is now popular as a takeaway meal, and fresh sushi retail packs are available in many convenience stores.

For producers in the sushi sector, the process of cutting fish for sushi has become more important than ever. The new demand for sushi has pushed production volumes up, but the fish is still cut by hand in most places. It takes a long time to train a skilled sushi cutter, and it can be hard to recruit and retain people with the right talent for this difficult and time-consuming work.

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Increasing your volume

With a Marel slicer, you can cut fresh fish on a daily basis, very accurately, with minimum waste and very little handling. The slicers produce a very high-quality end product and can cut at a high angle up to 70° and down to 2 mm in thickness, which is ideal for sashimi and nigari production.

The slicers are safe and easy to operate, with a touchscreen for all settings and processes. You can store each product type as a program on the slicer, so it’s easy to switch production from one product to another.

The slicers can cut the species most frequently used in sushi, including salmon, tuna and kingfish. Fresh fish temperatures of around 0°C (+/- 4°C) ensure the best cutting results, depending on the condition of the fish.

Slicing range

We offer three types of slicing machines for raw sushi cuts that suit different needs in terms of volume, flexibility and special features.


Msc 90 Ma 1

This small slicer is a perfect match for companies with small to medium production volumes. The machine is extremely reliable, performing high-quality slicing with maximum flexibility on the cutting angle interval. 

I-Slice 135 MA

I Slicer 135 Ma 1

This is the most advanced slicer on the market, using 3D vision scanning and boasting a range of special features. Most importantly, it can very accurately cut products to a fixed weight, or to a fixed thickness and length. The slicer minimizes waste and boosts yield by cutting each fillet/loin to get the most usable slices every time.

SC 250 MA

Sc 250 Ma

This dual-lane slicer produces high-quality products at high speed. With up to 250 cuts per minute, the slicer’s production volume is unrivaled on the market. Its features include cutting products with fixed thickness and length, and it can space out the slices after cutting for easy handling on the production line.



I-Slice 135 MA

SC 250 MA

Max capacity,  slices/min.




Cutting angle interval




Fixed weight slices



Fixed thickness & length


Spacing of slices


Other equipment

We offer a range of equipment for other processing steps prior to slicing, such as filleting, trimming, pin bone removal, and skinning, primarily designed for salmon. We also design complete solutions for sushi production with manual lines for processing fillets and loins pieces prior to cutting on the slicer. 

Salmon Sushi Line Medium V002
Salmon Sushi Line Small V002


Traceability is at the forefront of food safety. Marel’s Innova software has a traceability engine built into every step of the production process to ensure food processors can act quickly to minimize the size of recalls, and trace every product back to its source.


Marel scales are specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment of food processing plants without any trade-off in weighing accuracy.

Global support 

Marel’s extensive service network means service is always within reach, and often at a local level. Furthermore, all our slicers can be supported remotely via the internet for troubleshooting and to reduce downtime. 

When you need spare parts for your equipment, we can quickly deliver to keep your production running with maximum performance. To prolong the life of your equipment and keep it performing at its best, we recommend using original Marel spare parts.

Seeing is believing

The best way for you to experience the performance of our slicers is to try them out with your own raw material. You can book a demo session with us, and we can schedule a day for you to visit our demo center in Copenhagen, bringing your own fish.

Alternatively, you can ship your fish to our demo center, and we will perform a demo based on your product specifications. It can be a live online session, or we can record the test and send you a video after the session.

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