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Transforming pet food processing

Whether you are just starting out in pet food processing, wanting to increase your current production volumes, or looking to diversify and create new types of pet treats to meet the latest trends, we can help transform your processing.

From preparing the meat mass, through forming the perfect shapes, all the way to packing and labeling, our equipment and expertise can support you every step of the way.


Expert food technologists can provide all the support you need to get the best possible results from your raw material, ensuring the highest quality, on-spec products every time.


Tailored systems and standalone equipment will help you increase automation and food safety while ensuring a robust and repeatable process.


In-depth processing knowledge and understanding of technology ensures we can help you achieve optimal operational efficiency.


A trusted partner for growth is essential to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities arising from rapid growth in the pet food market. Marel can support you at every step.

Marel Meat Preparation Equipment For Grinding Pet Food

Intelligent meat preparation

Whether you need to grind, mix or emulsify, we can design and install systems to your individual requirements. Our equipment combines innovative design and durable construction to give substantial benefits.

  • Reliable and repeatable processing 
  • Highly consistent meat mass 
  • Long, trouble-free production runs 
  • Minimal labor 
Marel's Sensor X Magna has industry-leading bone detection

Superior trim inspection

Effective trim inspection is essential to produce safe, high-quality pet food products. Marel offers industry-leading trim inspection systems like SensorX Magna, which efficiently detects and removes bone, rocks and metal fragments, without destroying yield.

  • X-ray bone and metal detection
  • Rejects extremely little raw material
  • Highly accurate fat to lean measurements
  • Ensures safe, high-quality products
Marel RevoPortioner Forming Pet Food Treats

Highly consistent forming

Using the most advanced technology, our forming solutions provide industry leading benefits to help you make the most of your raw material.

  • Consistently uniform products 
  • An endless variety of shapes
  • 0.3% raw material waste
  • Minimal freeze-drying time
Marel Multi-Head Weigher batches pet food and pet treats

Precision grading and batching

Whether you’re grading and batching freeze-dried products, portioned parts, frozen, fresh, or marinated pieces, our solutions automate difficult manual operations and take away human bias from the process, to give significant benefits.

  • Minimize giveaway
  • Maximize yield
  • Reliable, fast and accurate
  • Simple fixed or catch-weight batching

Supporting every step in the process

Processing plant service inspection visits

Service tailored to your business needs

As a leader in food processing, Marel offers a wide range of service solutions. Our services can be customized to fit any operation and will provide peace of mind, knowing that operations will run smoothly.

Innova Recipe Manager poultry

Optimize performance with production control software

Maximize yields, throughput and uptime and reduce costs, stock and give-away with Marel software solutions. We offer a highly flexible and fully scalable production control software suite that helps you to efficiently control, monitor and improve the way you process pet food.

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