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Travel came to a halt throughout North America in April due to Covid-19. Poultry processors and Marel alike did not want to expose employees unnecessarily to the virus. But the equipment demonstrations had to go on, processors still wanted to see equipment run and continue with upgrades and additions in their facilities that they had been planning for 2020. In June, the Marel team at the Innovation Center in Des Moines, Iowa, hosted a successful online live demonstration of the coating line for an important customer.

A large processor in North America had a very high interest in the Marel coating line with a special focus on the RevoBreader. Not to be daunted by the travel restrictions, the Marel team came together to host a live demonstration for this customer, streamed through Microsoft Teams.

Valuable resource

While the North American team has been hosting virtual events such as this for several years, the need during the pandemic increased and became an even more valuable resource for Marel to provide our customers. Being able to show our customers how the equipment works, live, helps them visualize the success it can bring to their operations.
At the same time, such demonstrations have become even more relevant than ever in reinforcing the personal relationship with customers.


The Innovation Center team in Des Moines, Iowa, along with product management and sales all began preparation for the live demonstration. Equipment was brought into the Innovation Center to be set up and tested. Real chicken product from the customer was brought in to make the live demonstration as realistic as possible. Cameras and computers were brought in to capture the different angles for the demonstration, lights were set up and the team was ready.

Revobreader Demo


At the agreed time in June, the customer tuned in live from multiple locations throughout North America to see how the Marel coating line and RevoBreader could work for them. Members of the Innovation Center team ensured the equipment performed as expected. The customer had some special requests and the team flawlessly executed these tests on demand. Sales and product management presented the equipment and had great interaction with the customers; all questions were adequately answered. The audience was able to speak directly to the presenters and ask for additional demonstrations or a rerun of an operation. It was deemed a successful demonstration by all!

Almost touch and feel

At the end of the event, the customer had seen, from all angles, the coating line solution and felt confident in Marel’s capabilities when the presentation was concluded. The company was well informed now how the equipment works and can perform to their desired expectation. In no way, the lack of physical presence will have influenced the company’s assessment of the coating line. Their decision couldn’t be more well-founded. The virtual demonstration was as good as a real ‘touch and feel’ experience.

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