Salmon Slicing


Marel's salmon cutting technology and equipment are unmatched. Slicers Marel's slicing equipment has been successfully operating worldwide for nearly 30 years. During this time, our slicing systems have continuously evolved to meet the growing demands of our customers for improved quality and productivity.

All Marel slicers meet the requirements of modern salmon processing plants in terms of reliability, safety, ergonomics, maintenance, hygiene and cleaning. Key features and benefits of our slicing solutions:

  • High productivity - up to 250 cuts per minute, which corresponds to 300kg / hour *
  • High Yield Ratio - Yield Control Software
  • Wide range of angle cutting adjustment 8 ° -70 °
  • High precision slicing into fixed weight portions
  • Flexibility - large selection of slicing programs
  • High quality of finished products and excellent appearance
  • Easy to operate and easy to clean
  • Support for foreign languages

Marel's range of slicers for slicing fresh salmon includes systems to meet the different requirements of processors: slicers with high or low capacity, from standard one-off systems to large-scale production systems, fixed and individual weights, horizontal slicing and high speed slicing. You can view all types of slicers here:

Salmon slicers

In addition, our slicers can cut other fish with a similar structure, such as trout, halibut and tuna.

Our experience can work for you!

Marel slicing equipment guarantees the best results, but slicing quality, yield and efficiency can also be strongly influenced by other processes such as filleting and skinning, as well as storage and cooling. Our salmon slicing experts will be happy to help you find the most suitable solution for your production needs.

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