Fresh sausage production

Ready to eat sausages

Automated, high capacity sausage production from start to end

Marel offers the most complete range of highly automated solutions for the high-capacity production of ready-to-eat sausages, such as hot dogs, breakfast/dinner sausages and frankfurters, where casings (natural, collagen or cellulose) are stuffed.

Our solutions cover all production stages, from meat preparation to sausage linkers and co-extrusion to final product dispatch and even cook-in-the-pack, for an unequaled high level of food safety. You can produce products such as cocktails, hotdogs and frankfurters. So whatever ready-to-eat sausage you want to make, regardless of the casing type, length or caliber, in very large or smaller quantities, we can provide the perfect solution to suit all your needs.

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