Revocrumb Patties


Increase profitability

Applying a coating to any piece of poultry meat will largely add value to the end product and increase your profitability, because it benefits its bite, taste and presentation. To consumers, the presentation of a product is key when determining their choice. So it’s crucial to get the coating right.  

All types of coating

Besides enhancing taste and texture, a coating layer also protects products from damage during freezing. A great variety of coatings is available to apply, from tempura and breading, crumb, marinated to home-style or any possible combination you want to compose. The process sequence of the convenience food coating operations will depend on the chosen end product. Regardless of the selected coating, Marel is able to supply the appropriate systems for virtually all types of coating.

The coating process is divided in three stages:

  • Pre-Dust Coating
    Pre-dust coating (flouring) results in improved batter adhesion and attractive, crunchy products for the convenience food and snack industry.
  • Wet Coating
    Applying a wet coating often forms the basis for an excellent coated end product.
  • Dry Coating
    Dry coating (breading) is a process to get perfectly breaded products with uniform crumb distribution on all sides.

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