Electric Stunning System, Midas

Optimal electric stunning through a three-electrode system, which ensures meat quality is preserved

  • Optimal stunning to preserve meat quality
  • Animal-friendly
  • Low operational costs
  • Easy to install


The effective transport and stunning system is animal-friendly because of a construction that avoids negative sound influences.

The electrical stunning system, Midas, can be installed above-ground without major structural changes. More than 300 systems are operating successfully every day throughout the world, which proves the performance of the pig stunning process.

The system is composed of a heavy frame in stainless steel and equipped with plastic side panels that are adjustable in width. The conveyor belt (carrying strap) on which the animals are transported is equipped with plastic support blocks with a soft top layer which prevent damage to the animal. The adjustable and slowly rising stunning voltage prevents bleeding in the muscles.

For each pig, an INARCO system calculates and automatically checks the individual key stunning parameters on the basis of the resistance data from the particular pig. An optical camera measuring system determines the presence and exact position of the pig. As a result of the optimum positioning of the electrodes, a lower stunning current can be used for stunning, compared to traditional systems.

The electrical stunning system has a MIRES registration feature, which for each pig measures important information such as stunning time, voltage and current. This information is recorded and stored in a PLC memory. If necessary, as often required by local regulations, all stunning information can be retrieved and analyzed via this MIRES registration system.

  • Self-regulating stunning voltage according to the INARCO measurement
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Application of retrofit techniques


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