IRIS FP provides continuous insight into product quality, enabling processors to define areas for improvement

  • Insight into types and amount of defects
  • Helps define areas for improvement
  • Reduces operator dependency


Smart system

IRIS FP is an Intelligent Reporting Inspection and Selection system specifically designed for further processors. This intelligent system scans all products on the convenience line and classifies any defects found to maximize outgoing product quality.

Reliable data for profitable processing

With IRIS FP, the appearance of every single product is inspected and valued objectively against criteria set by the processor. The system leaves no room for human interpretation or error. This ensures reliable quantitative, qualitative and statistical data on defects. INNOVA Software offers real-time provides insight into focus areas for improvement. This ultimately leads to fewer recalls and complaints as well as more profitable processing.

Reduced operator dependency

Implementing IRIS FP on a convenience line gives you the possibility to minimize the manual tasks in the QC process. Because a manual QC procedure heavily depends on each operator’s performance, it is prone to human error. A high turnover in staff combined with repetitive tasks where operators have difficulties staying focused, makes manual fast-paced quality checks a high-risk procedure. IRIS FP reduces operator dependency and offers a continuous, reliable process dependent on the latest technology versus human subjectivity and loss of focus.


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