Visual quality grading

QS-3 grading station for manually controlled visual inspection

  • Assessing fast-moving conveyed products
  • Determine 3 to 9 different product quality grades
  • Combined with Innova PDS product distribution
  • Making selection and distribution manageable 


Inspecting product quality to determine the best possible destination for every individual product is quite a challenge for poultry processors. With increasing line speeds, products pass by faster and there is no time anymore to take out faulty products manually. With the help of a QS-3 grading station and Innova PDS, selection and distribution become manageable again.     

Suspended from the overhead conveyor, the well-organized and clearly visible array of products can be assessed visually by an inspector. Marel’s QS-3 grading station makes it even easier to determine the quality of each individual product.

Product distribution

The QS-3 station is equipped with a mirror to allow inspection of the product back side too. To confirm the quality of the product, the corresponding lever must be placed in the proper position. The lever is part of the product shackle and moves along with the product.
With an Innova PDS system connected, a sensor picks up the signal of the detected lever and sends the quality type info to the product distribution system. Innova PDS then defines the destination of the product, cut-up or whole product.

One or two levers

Driven by the overhead conveyor, QS-3 offers per product shackle one or two levers that can be put in three positions. Combinations of two levers allow a maximum of nine different quality grades. When using one lever, three different grades can be determined, which is the most practical solution in relation to the speed of the line.

The QS-3 grading station is suited for multiple shackle types.


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